Crocks of Bungay Christine Cummings

Christine Cummings Ceramics

Christine's ceramics are all hand crafted in earth stone clay being finished either by Raku or smoke firing. She has sold work widely through galleries across the UK and in Europe.

She began making animals whilst studying ceramics at Lancashire Polytechnic, which started as a study of pigs, spending time at rare breeds tents at agricultural shows.

If you are interested in any sculpture by Christine Cummings, please call us on 01986 892102 for further information.

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Jellycat stuffed animals are the cutest array of toys in the world. 

We stock an extensive range of soft toys including dolls, jungle animals, cats, dogs and dingly danglies.

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Crocks of Bungay is renowned for its extensive jewellery collection stocking local silversmiths work and international brands, in an array of materials and styles.

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