Crocks of Bungay Michael Storey

Michael Storey Bronze Sculptures

Michael has been creating and casting his own bronze sculptures for over twenty years exibiting in galleries throughout Australia, US and the UK.

His beautifully vivid imagination and passion for wildlife enable Michael to capture each animal’s character in solid bronze. 

"Many people who eventually become artists often experience difficulty in life until an outlet for their expressiveness is found. I really enjoy being in a creative environment. Of particular interest to me is the phsycological illusion ‘some how’ parted to an inanimate sample of bronze that then becomes a living
breathing entity. The same applies to a flat canvas that is transformed into a spatially alive atmosphere. That ‘some how’ – is what the magic is all about."

If you are interested in any bronze sculpture by Michael Storey,
please call us on 01986 892102 for further information.

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We stock an extensive range of soft toys including dolls, jungle animals, cats, dogs and dingly danglies.

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Crocks of Bungay is renowned for its extensive jewellery collection stocking local silversmiths work and international brands, in an array of materials and styles.

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